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We are persistent and attentive to details

We tailor our transaction processes to align with the strategic goals of our partners. The measure of any success is taking a transaction to a successful close. We believe that greater gains are achieved through joint strategic development and collaboration.

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Win/Win approach

We invest a relativity small proportion of our own capital into businesses that we believe in, typically around 10%, and by doing so by doing so accelerate the interest within the network of other Private Investors to participate. We believe in investing into growing companies and revenue-generating businesses within our specific sector profile.

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As we invest our own capital and bring in like-minded investors who have chosen to work specifically with us, you can take comfort and confidence that we are in this together as partners and we will ensure that we do everything to make the investment a success. Ardelis Solutions stands for uncompromising integrity and our ideology focused on doing things right from the beginning to end.

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Trusted partner and advisor

Above all else we value people and place a great amount of emphasis and time into the people we work with. We believe that any business is measured by the minds who inspire it to happen. We live in a fast-changing environment full of global disturbances. Our management team help our investments to evaluate risks and find solutions to the various day-to-day problems faced by any business. Working closely alongside our investments we aim to provide consistent support and to increase and add value to the business.

We also create and implement business and strategic plans introduce clients to arrange co-invests and leverage relationships. Furthermore, we only work very closely with a limited set of clients and always in a transparent and non-competitive way.

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Transparent fees and costs

We don’t charge upfront fees or lock our investment opportunities into complicated memorandums. We don’t accept incentive payments from financial intermediaries, nor do we pay introductory commissions or fees. We charge an investment arrangement fee of 2%, payable once an investment has been made.
We charge an annual administration monitoring fee of between 1.5 – 2%, payable in arrears annually. We pay our own legal and investment costs associated with any investment we make. You will pay for your own legal costs associated to any investment we make or arrange. You will pay for any review costs that would be required prior to an investment being made. You will pay for any closing investment legal documentation that would be necessary.

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