About us

Ardelis Solutions is a team of experienced and seasoned professionals who utilise their best practices and entrepreneurial skills to reach the desired objective and ensure success.

Our team of experts has a profound knowledge of world markets and current trends combined with a collaborative approach and a versatile set of skills.

About us

How we are different


We do not necessarily require a controlling stake in most of our investments. We are self made private entrepreneurs and don't behave like institutions.

Global network

We have interests in multiple companies around the world which in turn have hundreds of contacts and relationships which can easily open a lot of doors.

Value added investor

We understand the importance of teamwork and partnership, we bring together a whole host of people and resources to add value to our investments and create the momentum needed to achieve success.

Our Name Ardelis

Ardelis is Latin for industrious, eager and ardent, which we consider the adjectives that summarize our core principles. We ardently share passion of our clients for their businesses. Our vision is that knowledge is power, but enthusiasm brings everything together.

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